Rugby 7s: Kobs, Pirates Get Easy Draws For Mbale Circuit

Leaders Kobs and Black Pirates rugby clubs will not have to sweat a lot in the group stages of the Mbale 7s circuit.

The Mbale tournament, the sixth of the 8 circuits, will be played on the 3rd of August in Mbale.

Kobs who lead the log with 104 points will face Lowly-ranked Rams, Mbale Elephants and Toyota Buffaloes in group B.

Pirates, who are fresh from winning the Kabaka Coronation circuit at Legends, have Mongers, third-placed Heathens, and Elgon Wolves to contend with in group A.
The other group, C, has Hippos, Impis, Warriors and Rhinos.

Pool A – Stanbic Black Pirates Rfc, Plascon Mongers Rfc, Hima Cement Heathens Rfc, Elgon Wolves Rfc
Pool B – Betway Kobs Rfc, Toyota Buffaloes Rfc, Rams Rfc, Mbale Elephants Rfc
Pool C – Hippos Rfc, Impis Rfc, Dusupay Warriors Rfc, Shell Rimula Rhinos Rfc


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