Rubirizi Residents Task MP to Spearhead Removal of Presidential Age Limit

A section of residents in Rubirizi district during the weekend pushed Bunyaruguru Member of Parliament John Twesigye Ntamuhira to move a motion in parliament to have the presidential age limit scraped from the constitution.

The residents stressed that it was the responsibility of Parliament to ensure that President Museveni is not forced out of State House by the constitutional limitation when Ugandans still want him around.

The locals made the call during a stakeholders meeting at Igabiro Cultural Resort in Magambo Sub County, viagra http://cotro.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/response.php which was organized on Sunday by the legislator.

These tasked their  MP to immediately start mobilizing his colleagues to ensure that this matter is brought on the floor of Parliament.

The 1995 Constitution restricts anyone above the age of 75 from standing for the country’s highest office.

President Museveni will have exceeded this threshold by two years in 2021 when his recently acquired fifth term in office ends.

“The residents during the meeting backed their stance, recipe listing a number of President Museveni’s achievements including the recent “successful evacuation” of Ugandans trapped in the volatile South Sudan.

“We therefore think as citizens of this nation that age limit does not matter but what matters is what you do as president, approved ” said one Hilary Kisembo a 53year resident from Bunyaruguru at the meeting.


76 year old John Baptist Amara told the meeting that old age should not be seen as weakness but an advantage in terms of experience.

In response, MP John Twesigye Ntamuhira promised to take up the matter and present it first before his party MPs from the area and if they agree with him, they will jointly table it before the House.

The MP said he was in agreement with the locals that age is not what determines the performance of a leader but their abilities and experience.

Some of the residents at the meeting however, did not support the idea of “adjusting the constitution for one person.”

One Edward Bigirwa told the meeting that one of Uganda’s endemic challenges has tended to emerge from people sticking in office for a long time.

Some forms if inefficiencies he said are associated to old age, adding that when old people occupy offices for a long time, it deprives the young generation the chance to show their capabilities.

He cited a number of government officials such as Deputy Premiers Kirunda Kiveinja and Gen Moses Ali who cannot afford being constantly in touch with their constituencies to monitor government work.

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