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‘Rotten Apples’ in Police Will Be Harshly Punished, Warns Commander Kafeero

Commissioner of Police Moses Kafeero, who is the newly appointed Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, has urged police officers in his area of jurisdiction to desist from acts of brutality.

The police chief in his first address to the Kampala-based police commanders, he asked them to execute their duties with high levels of ethics and morality in order to win back public trust.

Kafeero urged the officers to avoid incidences of police brutality characterized by trigger-happy actions.

The commander pointed out that on various occasions, a few individuals whom he referred to as “rotten apples” have messed the image of the whole force, hence creating need to exhibit high levels of discipline.

The police boss warned officers of harsh repercussions for failure to follow instructions and commands.

Police brutality has always been characterized by abuse of authority and unwarranted infliction of excessive force by personnel involved in law enforcement.

CP kafeero also advised police officers to acquaint themselves with the law regardless of their ranks.

He told them to study the law and the various provisions in the constitution than dwelling on the Penal Code Act alone.


On the increasing crimes of kidnap around the country, the commandant emphasized the need to increase public awareness and sensitization so as to understand the underlying causes in order to uproot the vice.

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