Ex-Miss Uganda Ellah, Roger get Cozy at UEA17

Actor Roger Mugisha and actress Stella Nantumbwe aka Ella showed a high  level of affection towards each other during the Uganda Entertainment Awards that took place at Serena on Saturday evening.

The tenderness between the two was noticed when they arrived hand in hand, as Roger helped to lift Ella’s elegant gown time and again to ease her movements.

They posed for numerous photos holding each other’s waists tenderly.

Roger was holding the beauty with tenderness.

When they were called to the stage to announce nominees, Ella kept on whispering in Roger’s ear.

“She was telling me that she has a hard time pronouncing some names on the list,” Roger explained when the crowd started murmuring.


The climax was when Roger won the male actor of the year award; he came up with the whole cast of Second Chance, thanked everyone in general before giving special thanks to Ella.



“In a special way I would like to thank this lady; Ella, you know when two people act a love scene things are not easy. You people don’t know what goes on backstage,” said the excited Roger while receiving his Award.


One would never believe that the two were just workmates if he was seeing them for the first time. The fondness they had for each other was undoubtedly intimate.


The two are the main characters in the famous Ugandan series, Second Chance,  which airs on NTV. Roger acts as Salvador while Ella is Isabella, Salvador’s ultimate lover.

Roger lifts Ella’s gown
Roger Mugisha and Ella on stage



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