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Riot: Villa Fans Vow to Boycott all Kitende Games

The Villa-Vipers rivalry continues to take a new trend each day, and the latest news reaching our desk can confirm that a section of SC Villa Jogoo fans ‘will never attend any game at St.Mary’s Kitende’.

The fans noted that they are boycotting not only Vipers games but also all the games that will be played at Kitende, whether it’s the National team or any other game.

The incident is believed to be a response to the action that was recently taken by Vipers when they released a list of names of Villa fans that will never attend the games.

“This is a sign of disrespect from Vipers, that list they released contains some names of individuals who have not been in the country since last year, the person who compiled that list had his other unknown intentions” started one of the annoyed fans.

“We have decided to never and never attend all games that will be played at Kitende, as a retaliation.”

On Tuesday, Vipers SC is set to host SC Villa at Kitende in the second leg of the Uganda Cup.

On matchday, the fans commented that they will march direct to Villa Park where they will organise a meeting to discuss some more important issues.

“We will not go there, may be Mulindwa is afraid that we will fill up his toilet,” added another fan at Lugogo, during the Kampala-Bukedea FUFA Drum game on Sunday.

The Fans that Vipers listed

The first leg of this Uganda cup tie ended in disarray: The game played at Wankulukuku which ended goalless was highlightened by wild incidents that saw Vipers Coach Da Costa being rushed to hospital after he was stoned by a synonymous Villa fan in the chest.

The last time Villa played at Kitende, Mulindwa the next morning in a press briefing accused ‘rowdy Villa fans’ of vandalising his state of the art stadium in September last year.

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