Rich Gang’s Cheune Imports Multi-Million Car, Celebrates with Fabiola

Recently Rich Gang member Edward Kyeyune alias Ed Cheune shipped in a posh, multi-million car.

Motor experts have identified his new ride as a Bentley continental GT valued at USD 280,000 (UGX 1,007,440,000).

Upon acquisition, Cheune gave it a custom plate “4 Cheune”, joining his other fleet of posh rides.

A Bentley Continental GT is a grand tourer produced by the British automaker Bentley Motors.

A front view of Cheune’s Bentley Continental GT
The side and backview of the car

The car’s top speed currently stands at 329.916 Kilometers Per Hour.

It shall be remembered that the businessman possesses an unquenchable love for cars.

He has previously acquired a Lamborghini, BMW, among others.

According to sources, Cheune recently celebrated the milestone with friends at Club play.


Our tipsters spotted him in company of Gareth Onyango and continental media personality Anita Fabiola at Club Play on Wednesday.

“He was popping Champagne with friends, they seemed to be celebrating something big,” a source who preferred anonymity told ChimpLyf.

“He left late in the night with Fabiola,” the source added.

Surprisingly, while Scrolling through Fabiola’s Instagram account, ChimpLyf landed on photos of her at the Rich gang house (former Semwanga’s house) in Muyenga.

Donning a two piece bikini, Fabiola seemed relaxed as she sunbathed.

In one of the photos, Ed Cheune’s custom plate car is seen in the background.

Fabiola sunbathing at the Rich gang house in Muyenga.
Circled is Cheune’s car in the background

It remains unclear whether the two are dating.

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