Rich Gang to Elect Ssemwanga’ Successor at December Party

A group of Ugandans living and working in South Africa and is are famously known as  the Rich Gang, are set to elect late Don Ivan Ssemwanga’s successor this December, during their annual Rich Gang party.

Ssemwanga, who headed the Rich Gang, died mid this year and was buried in Kayunga district.

He left behind members of his Rich Gang who include King Lawrence, Ed Cheune, Adams Dumba, Don Bahati, Ting Dis and others.

Sources within the group reveal  that they resolved to elect a new member in December, during their annual party.

“To join Rich Gang, one has  to be extremely loaded and ready to spend what he has,” a friend of Ting Dis revealed.

It should be remembered that ever since Ivan’s unfortunate demise, many personalities have expressed interest in taking up his position.

Some of the probable candidates include; SK Mbuga, Cameroon Gitawo, King Lawrence, Don Bahati, among others.

Recently there have been reports that King Lawrence and Don Bahati have been feuding over who is the rightful heir to the Rich Gang throne.

Don Bahati wants to head Rich Gang



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