Rich Gang Group Reveals Why they Missed Zari’s Mother’s Burial

Uganda’s prime spenders’ group Rich Gang have finally responded to complaints from the public pinning them on why they didn’t attend the burial of Zari’s mother Halima Hassan.

A highly placed source and one of the pillars in the group who preferred to speak anonymously says “We are not happy with Zari.”

When asked why, the member told this website that “Zari is managing Ivan’s property.”

“She is always in up and down in Tanzania instead of concentrating on the property,” he added.

He further explained that “Zari was one of the reasons why Ivan passed on.”

Asked to substantiate, he said, “She would occasionally ‘sleep’ with Semwanga yet she was also spending time with Diamond in Tanzania.”

On why they didn’t delegate for Zari’s mother’s burial, he revealed that the family from Kayunga was represented and we” made a contribution to the funeral.”

When asked for an opinion on Zari’s latest photo at Semwaga’s grave, the loaded member told ChimpLyf that, “We were disappointed to see Zari posing for photos on Ivan’s grave, that wasn’t pain, it was showbiz.”



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