Rhino Refugee Settlement Killings: Police Moves to Tighten Security over Looming ‘Revenge Attack’

West Nile Regional Police Commander SSP Okullu Richard on Monday September 21 led a team of police officers to the O’dobu 1 cluster, Rhino camp refugee settlement to meet both the host and refugee communities to discuss their worries over the recent deadly clash and the way forward so as to prevent re-occurrence of the same.

O’dobu borders the Tika cluster where 10 people were recently killed, an incident that has since created a lot of fear, rumour and propaganda of a pending revenge attack by both the host and the refugee communities.

The refugees issued a written letter detailing their grievances and worries following the recent clash as well as seeking justice for their fellows and the injuries sustained.

In the same letter, they wanted to know how the government of Uganda will protect them and prevent such an act from reoccurring in future.

A number of the refugee leaders echoed their voices on the same and requested for an increase in the number of officers deployed to secure the settlements since they are wide.

Meanwhile, the LC1 chairman of Balala village, O’dobu Parish, Madi-Okollo, who represented the host community expressed his sorrow for the deadly clash and promised to work with all the authorities to ensure that the incident of the Tika cluster does not happen again in his area.

“People spreading this bad rumour of an attack by the host community are just opportunists who want to benefit from their threats. In my village, we have been living like brothers and sisters and so nothing will happen again.”

He said that police is moving round the refugee clusters to preach and ensure peace.


He revealed that about 28 people were arrested and detained at Arua Central Police Station as investigations continue. The number of the forces at Tika police post, he said, has been increased to offer protection in the area.

“What goes around comes around and so there is need to prevent the reoccurrence of such a deadly clash in future. Conflicts are always part of life and what matters most is how they can be resolved. When it is resolved badly, then we get the deadly results like in the recent clash,” the chairman added.

Okullu, the area Police Commander promised to reinforce the police post with more officers, as well as organise scientifically arranged community policing sessions at the settlements.

“I urge the two communities to abide by the laws of the country and prevent reoccurrence of such clashes in future,” he concluded.


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