Review: Solace In a Cozy Dine-out Amidst Kampala Rains

Here, I am not trying to be an Italian neither am I reminding you of that ‘Mama mia’ movie that left you singing along to the classics, it’s MaMa Mia Restaurant.

About two and half years ago,  MaMa Mia restaurant opened its doors to the hundreds of people who flock the city day in day out for all imaginable reasons. With three branches; Kampala road, Boulevard and the other one in Muyenga, the restaurant has earned credit for its superb service, excellent coffee name it.

Today, I am taking you through the amazing experience with this particular branch along Kampala road. For a reason, I am one among many who move around town daily and unfortunately some days weather is not at its best but hey, you too can enjoy watching the raindrops with a cup of cappuccino warming you up.

Walking in, the aroma of freshly ground coffee and sizzling steak quickly invites your test buds to duty as the smartly dressed wait-staff approach with mild smiles awaiting you to get comfortable and make an order.
Personally, I had not made up my mind on what to have but the sound of the coffee grinder was the notification bell and right away I knew coffee was the order of my rainy day. What was more exciting was the call button a few inches away from where my hands rested so I just pushed it and the waiter attended to me at once.

As I waited for my turn to be served, the enticing picture of a samosa and vegetables dressed with tartar sauce left my mouth agape. It looked yummy and like you can guess the real dish found its way down my throat in a few minutes. The beef samosa with fresh vegetable salad was delicious. I washed it down with the tangy, chocolate coffee, mama mia! The after-taste was mild lemony and a mixed scent of what I can’t explain, but it was unbelievably good.



I must say the prices are reasonable, breakfast combos and MaMa Mia specials are a good deal too.

See, when I thought I had had it all, this waitress passes by my table with a little sort of grilling pan and to my disbelief I notice meat[later learnt it was goat meat] on the rack, cutlery on the side and in an instant the customer was feasting. One staff told me it is called “goat meat on flame” and I swore to taste that on my next ‘visit.’
‘We get many foreigners who come here again and again just for our coffee, they say we make the best around town,’ he chipped in before heading to other business.

With the various dishes on the menu, the tidy environment and a meter off road location, this is surely a one stop restaurant for anybody to try out. The unfortunate bit is, this particular MaMa Mia is smaller compared to other branches so it gets much full during the lunch hour and you might have to wait for some time to access service though it’s always worth it in the end.


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