Review Of The New Web-Based Video Creation Platform: InVideo

As a marketer, video is unarguably the best format to get your message across. It is visual, engaging, and perhaps the easiest way to explain a complex concept. No wonder that more and more marketers are turning to video content for all marketing activities – product explainers, tutorials, customer testimonials, brand stories, the list goes on. Videos’ popularity has grown in tandem with the rise of social media platforms. Go ahead, scroll through your Facebook account, and you’ll find videos dominating your feed.

A report claims that in 2021, people will be watching up to a hundred minutes of online video every day. Americans spend around 8.5 hours per week watching videos across multiple online platforms. Online video consumption is slowly rivaling television consumption and might surpass it in the next couple of years.

Moreover, brand advertisers have been quick to notice the changing trends. More and more advertising dollars are being rerouted from TV ad spends on social media video advertising because it is measurable and aids in ROI calculations.

As a brand, creating video ads for social media is a must for being successful in the digital world. Now, before you frantically look up ‘how to create Facebook video ads,’ we went ahead and tested a brand-new online video creation platform, InVideo, that has made quite the splash. Garnering over 200+ 5-star reviews, it was #1 on the Product Hunt leaderboard in February 2020 and also got featured on TechCrunch. Without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look under the hood:

What Is InVideo?

InVideo is a web-based video creation platform to make custom, high-quality videos in no time. By their own admission, you can ‘create scroll-stopping videos in under 10 minutes’. It operates under a freemium model whereby you can export up to 60 videos per month on the free plan. The only caveat being they come with a watermark, which you can get rid of by upgrading to their Business or Unlimited Plan.

First Impressions

The moment you sign up, you are greeted with a vibrant assortment of ready-to-use templates. These templates are organized by different categories – Editor’s Pick, Brand Intro/Outro, Product Video Ads, Video Testimonials, and Listicles. Marketing is all about staying on-trend, so it was cool to see a category for Covid-19 templates. They have over 100 categories to choose from, which cover all of the major video use-cases.


It also has a Template Calendar, surfacing unique video templates on a daily basis, as per the occasion. For example, it was ready with a couple of juicy, mango-themed templates for the upcoming World Mango Day. If all this is too overwhelming for you, they are on hand to help out. You can schedule a demo call with a video expert who can get you onboarded quickly and explain the nuances.

Playing Around With InVideo

There are three ways you can go about creating a video:

  • Pre-Made Templates – Choose from among 2000+ video templates.
  • Article-To-Video – Convert textual articles/blog posts into engaging videos.
  • Blank Template – Start from scratch with a blank slate.

Pre-Made Templates

This is the easiest way to create jaw-dropping videos in minutes. InVideo boasts of a vast library of inbuilt templates. Just search for any template by putting in the keywords – for example, Facebook, intro, or Christmas – and voila, you get hundreds of awesome templates to explore. What’s more, the templates come in all the standard resolutions – 16:9 (perfect for YouTube), 1:1 ( Instagram), 9:16 ( Facebook) and can be exported in FullHD quality.

You can choose from among one-million royalty-free Shutterstock images and add music, text, stickers, fancy animations, and more. You can also upload your own media if you’re not happy with their collection. This video editor is beginner-friendly and does not have a steep learning curve. Working on a Facebook video webinar template, we got the hang of it pretty quickly. In our experience, this was the best Facebook ad template we’ve come across.


This is a clever way to repurpose textual content into video content for those with shorter attention spans. We chose to create a YouTube landscape video from one of our blogs. You can do this by copy-pasting your blog content and adding a headline or just import the blog link and let InVideo work its magic.

We imported our blog link, which it auto-fetched perfectly. Next, all you need to do is pick up catchy sentences from your blog, which will be treated as ‘Scenes’ for your video. We added 12 scenes to our Storyboard for further editing. InVideo allows you to set the Scene Type for each scene. You can make it look like a quote, a question, a bold headline, a tweet, and more. We were pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the visuals and video clips that were rendered in the background based on the catchy sentences we picked. The whole process took less than 5 minutes!

Blank Template

Here, the sky’s the limit. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can build your scene from the ground up with a blank canvas making use of their extensive editor and toolkit. Although this is something we think is best left for the professionals.

What We Like/Dislike

We really loved the ability to use our own tweets and Instagram posts inside the video. Their AI-powered smart assistant (IVA), which offers design suggestions in real-time, was also something we’ve never seen before. Adding your own voice-over or using their integrated auto text-to-speech technology was also pretty neat, too.

InVideo has a limit of 50 scenes on a video, so that might come in the way if you want to convert long-form posts into a video. We also found the Preview and Export functionality to be a bit on the slower side for videos with 30+ scenes, although that might vary depending on your Internet connection.

Final Thoughts

InVideo is one of the most comprehensive DIY online video editors in the market. Its intuitive interface is what sets it apart from other clunky video editing software. If you want to create stunning videos quickly without breaking the bank, you should definitely take InVideo for a spin.

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