REVEALED: Why Socialite Don Nasser Was Arrested

Currently detained at the Police Mineral Protection Unit in Entebbe, socialite Don Nasser aka Nduhukire Isaac was arrested by police on Tuesday evening while hiding in a ceiling of his home in Kiira.

Weeks before, Nasser through his connections was informed of the plot to have him and others named in dubious gold deals arrested.

He regulated his movements, was always looking over his shoulders when outdoors.

On the day he was finally netted, Nasser climbed into the ceiling after learning that authorities had him cornered with nowhere to escape.

ChimpLyf has since established that Don Nasser and others suspected to be dealing in gold have been on the wanted list of Internal Security Organization (ISO) for months now.

The operation to have Nasser and co arrested was given a go ahead by higher authority in an attempt to clean up the country’s image internationally considering that they also con individuals abroad.

It is believed that the gold related scandals have affected potential investors in Uganda.

As a result, over ten high profile ‘gold dealers’ have so far been netted while others are on the run.

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