Retired Archbishop Orombi Calls for Peaceful Elections

As the 2021 general elections draw closer, the former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda His Grace Henry Like Orombi has called for peaceful elections without violence and disenfranchisement.

While delivering today’s Sunday service sermon as a guest preacher at Archbishop Kazimba’s palace at Namirembe, Orombi also prayed for developmental leaders who are pro-people, God-fearing and without selfless.

“In Uganda, the first thing we need to pray for is the forthcoming elections. Just like churches come in a small sitting room in the palace, the elections too, we don’t estimate what is going to happen but it will happen. May there be no violence, may every Ugandan be given a right to exercise the citizenship right to cast their votes for the leader they want. May there be peace in the four corners of this country. May there be calm,” he said.

Orombi further advocated for leaders who are not greedy and consider people first.

“The second thing I believe we need to pray for is leaders. May we pray for true leaders in Uganda. God-fearing leaders are leaders who will lead us to prosperity because they are pro-people and they are people minded. May God raise and give us those kinds of leader,” he implored.

Leadership, he said, does not come from any of the regions of the world but rather from God.

“Promotion does not come from the east or from the west or from the south. Leadership also the same. Leadership comes from above.”

He called on all Ugandans to obey God and not always seek Him whenever they are in trouble or need.


“You don’t just need God because you are in a crisis. Don’t just need God because you want to pass elections and go to Parliament. Need God for all times because you need him for things you don’t even know. Ugandans, obey God,” he said.

As Orombi called for peaceful and non-violent elections, some form of violence has been witnessed in various circumstances as police tried to disrupt “illegal assemblies” made by supporters of presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi.

On Saturday this week, Police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse Kyagulanyi’s supporters who had blocked the road in Jinja as Kyagulanyi made his way out of Baba FM where he had been hosted.

Similarly, the police was this week forced to use force to put down a political rally organized by Kira municipality MP Ibrahim Semujju Nganda.

Recently, the elections body, the Electoral Commission issued a revised electoral roadmap for the 2021 elections in which it banned public rallies and encouraged aspirants to campaign through the media.

Opposition politicians have since criticized this unprecedented form of campaigning.

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