South Sudan

Resigned Army Chief Pins SPLA on July Food Aid Looting

The SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Moral Orientation, dosage Lt. Gen. Barpiny Mantuil Wicjeng whose resignation emerged yesterday has pinned the national army for carrying out the looting of food aid in July this year.

The World Food Program stores in the capital Juba were ransacked by heavily armed men in military uniform who forcefully took all the supplies meant for the suffering displaced population including
children and women.

The incident happened when war had just resumed between forces loyal to President Slava Kiir and that of his former vice, Dr.Riek Machar.

Much of the rebel forces had however been dislodged or retreating from the capital to the Equatorial region and the government troops were the dormant power in Juba.

In his resignation letter, Gen. Barpiny outlined 11 reasons why he chose to quit his position and membership of the SPLA-IG.

The general, who fled to the neighboring Kenyan capital Nairobi and now anticipates a raid on his home, said the government can go ahead like it did to the World Food Program stores.

“After learning of this resignation they (government soldiers) can go to my home and loot anything like it was done in UN food store and Terrain Hotel Juba during the last July incidents,” part of the
resignation letter says.

It should be remembered that a week after the crisis, SPLA-IG leadership opened probe into looting, shooting and raping in Juba.


The South Sudan capital had become dangerous to anyone as people were being terrorized from the streets, homes and even the refugee camps by armed men.

In early August during an IGAD summit in Addis Ababa, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and Sudan’s Omar Bashir appealed to two forces to return the looted food aid.

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