Resignation Letter: Why I Quit NBS Frontline Show

Journalist Charles Odongtho’s resignation letter has finally leaked.

The host of NBS Television’s “The Frontline” show threw in the towel this past Saturday, citing a “toxic environment” and favouritism at his workplace.

The story was broken by ChimpReports yesterday.

“Time comes when we have to move on especially when one is not happy with the working environment,” Odongtho told us.

It’s understood NBS TV accuses Odongtho of “underperformance” and “insubordination”.

The television officials say Odongtho disrespected the production crew which managing his show.

Odongtho yesterday said NBS’ chief executive Kin Kaliisa not only favours a few individuals at the station but his work methods were disrupting the preparations for the show.

In the resignation letter, Odongtho narrates how the show was started, its challenges and the motivation to call it quits.


He, however, says he leaves with his head high.

“As a personal take, and for a journalist worth their salt, my biggest and most enduring pride that I will carry along, is the fact that from scratch, I dream of and initiated a debate idea that has created a television brand worth the talk of town and the nation,” said Odongtho.

Below is the resignation letter in full:


Odongtho’s resignation letter in full
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