Residents React to Super Cell Tornado on Lake Bunyonyi


Locals surrounding Lake Bunyonyi on Monday were thrown into panic after a rare occurrence happened at the lake in form of a cyclonic storm snaking out of the lake into the sky.

According to residents, the violent windstorm also known as a waterspout, touched down in the lake near Natures Prime Island in Bubaare Sub County, Rubanda District at around 4pm, following a heavy down pour that was characterized by lightning and thunderstorm.

Patrick Tumwijukye says waterspout scattered and floated away all the canoes which had docked at Harutinda, even though it didn’t cause any damage.

Didan Atukunda who runs a tourist hotel on Lake Bunyonyi says the the spectacle lasted more than 30 minutes and that many locals braved the rain running up the hills in fear for their lives.

“Even as people were screaming and drumming I kept enjoying and watching,” he said.

“This was my first time to see that   huge cloud get out of the lake to the sky on such   high speed.”

By Monday evening, several videos and photos of the incident were being shared on social media.



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