Residents Destroy Home of Man Accused of Murdering His Wife

Residents of Rusenyi Village in Muramba Sub County, Kisoro district went on rampage and razed the property including the home of a man who is said to have stormed the home of his father in law and hacked to death his wife of four children.

The suspect Buni Pendo at Kisoro Police

Elly Maate, the Kigezi regional police spokesman identifies the man as Buni Pendo, who on Saturday evening allegedly hacked his 26 years old wife Gloria Biringiro to death.

The deceased and the suspect, who have been married for a few years, developed   domestic misunderstandings and decided to separate permanently.

According to Maate, Pendo stormed the house of his father in law Rusenyi  and found his former wife preparing food in the kitchen, and hacked her, leaving her unconscious.

“He fled the scene of crime as the other family members cried for help. She died shortly after arriving at Mutolere Hospital,” Maate says.

This incident angered residents who started looking for the suspect.

They descended onto his home; burnt down his house, his mother’s house and that of his grandmother.

Maate says Pendo has since been arrested and is detained at Kisoro police station  as investigation carry on.



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