Represent Your People On Oil Cash Negotiations, Tumukunde Tells Bunyoro Kingdom

Presidential candidate, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has called upon the leadership of Bunyoro kingdom to offer able leadership when negotiating on the shares of ‘Royalties’ that will be given to the local communities by the central government when oil cash commences.

Hopes of seeing the drilling of Uganda’s first oil were lightened when Tullow plc, one of the leading oil companies sold its entire shares in the Albertine Graben and its shares in the East African Crude Oil Pipeline project to Total E&P Uganda, at an agreed price of Shs2.1trn.

On the fact that the government negotiations with the oil companies on the Final Investment Decision are bearing fruits, Tumukunde advised the Bunyoro kingdom to offer proper leadership in negotiating with the Central Government rather than leaving the population to fight alone.

“These negotiations should point out the benefits to the communities that host the oil wells because it’s not a favor from the government,” he noted.

To speak this, Tumukunde was meeting a section of officials from the kingdom, led by the Prime Minister (Omuhikirwa) Andrew Byakutaga at the kingdom palace in Hoima during his campaign trail in Bulisa, Masindi and Kiryandongo Districts.

“There is a formula where the hosts of the wells are given special privileges. When it is an organized system like yours, then you should lead the crusade of negotiating the interests on behalf of your people,” he said.

He called upon the Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom leadership to denounce  e politics based on tribalism.

“I urge people of Bunyoro to desist from voting leaders basing on tribes and ethnicity rather focus on the appropriate agenda,” he noted.


After meeting the kingdom leadership, he headed to Masindi town, where he was slated to hold a rally but blocked by Uganda Police Force.

While speaking to the media shortly after the fracas, Tumukunde said that police has waged a serious war against the opposition presidential candidates and junior officers were are getting briefing from other people not their immediate commanders.

“We had a meeting with the Chief of police in Masindi, I remember them communicating everything and I think these police officers get different briefs from other seniors not their immediate bosses,” he said.

He later addressed the locals in Kiryadongo district, where he concluded his campaigns in the region.

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