Report: Youth Livelihood Program Registers 67% Recovery Rate

The Youth Livelihood Program, an initiative which was started about four years ago, has registered some success.

The recovery program has struck 67% of the Shs23.399 billion that is due to date.

Giving out the program’s performance highlights as of January 2018, the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Pius Bigirimana, confirmed the report.

Bigirimana who was addressing the officials from various districts on Tuesday at the Office of the Prime Minister Auditorium in Kampala revealed that the total amount repaid so far is Shs15.61 Billion.

He also noted that 142 groups have to date fully paid (100% repayment).

Concluding his remarks, Bigirimana said:

“The implementation of the Youth Livelihood program has rolled out to all corners of the country and the level of public awareness and scrutiny of the program is growing by the day leading to improved compliance to program guidelines and benchmarks.

“The focus of the programme is now on strengthening technical support and supervision of implementation/benefificiaries at the community level as well as documenting the achievements, challenges, lessons and good practices to inform future actions. With the increasing commitment and deeper understanding among the key stakeholders, the programme has gained significant progress so far towards meeting its intended objectives.”


Bigirimana also revealed that the repayment rate is improving every month with an average weekly repayment of over Shs200 million.

What is this Youth Livelihood Program?

Following an outcry to the increasing unemployment rates among Youths in the Country, the government of Uganda under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, launched a Youth Livelihood Program (YLP).

The program is a government initiative that targets the poor youth in the country.

It commenced in the FY 2013-14, launched by President Museveni on January 24th, 2014.

The program covers all the present 122 districts and 41 municipalities.

The program provides Youths with interest free loans of up to Shs25 million depending on the nature of the enterprise to start income generating activities.

The benefits of the program include Youth Empowerment, reduction of dependency syndrome, support to local economic development, increased acquisition of skills, increase in income levels among youths among others.

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