South Sudan

REPORT: Salva Kiir’s Luri Farm Part of War Profiteering

The two-year investigation into the racketeering in South Sudan war has categorized President Salva Kiir’s Luri Farm as part of the wealth accumulated from the country’s crisis.

The Washington based Enough Project, malady a non-profit making organization aimed at ending genocide and crimes against humanity on Monday released The Sentry report detailing how the volatile nation’s officials and military generals are reaping fortunes as the population suffers.

The development in Luri Farm which is only 10km from capital Juba, viagra dosage according to the report started in late 2013 when the civil war between Kiir and deposed First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar started.

“Construction of the compound began in late 2013 and continued for more than two years, appearing to conclude in early 2016. This period corresponds almost exactly with the dates of the current civil war and the acute fiscal crisis and economic implosion that South Sudan has experienced in its wake,” part of the report said.

The government has since protested the outcome of the report, saying it’s hugely exaggerated.

Officials said the report was just ‘nonsense’ and that Kiir could not in any way be involved in acts of corruption.

But investigators said Luri Farm is connected to the construction company AMBC that the government has awarded several lucrative deals, according The Sentry Report.

ABMC which is a Thai-South Sudan company is run by Benjamin Bol Mel, a South Sudanese businessman with investments in construction, banking, energy, hospitality, bottling, and aviation who also serves as chairman of the country’s Chamber of Commerce.


He also has close connections with President Kiir.

“Two knowledgeable sources (including a former senior government insider) interviewed by The Sentry have similarly reported that President Kiir personally benefits from ABMC and has aggressively advocated on the company’s behalf behind closed doors,” read the report.

The ABMC complex inside Luri Farm includes a stone crushing facility, a metal sheet rolling plant, and a bakery.

An airstrip has also been built at Luri Farm, according to the report and is mainly used by attack military helicopters.

The Farm has also been named as the training ground for the militia group, the Mathiang Anyoor.

“Media reports, the United Nations, and the African Union have all alleged that the Mathiang Anyoor militia that committed the bulk of the atrocities in Juba in December 2013 trained at Kiir’s ranch in Luri.”

President’s Kiir’s home in Luri was also reportedly built during the conflict. ChimpReports understands Kiir usually convenes some of the serious meetings at his farm in Luri.

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