Report: 72% of Ugandans Unhappy with Country’s Economic Direction

Almost 3 out of 4 (72%) Ugandans last year were unhappy with the way government is running the economy according to research findings by Twaweza

This is compared to 84% (5 out of 6) Ugandans who also expressed discontent on the same issue in a previous research for 2017.

This year’s research titled ‘more food, less money: Uganda’s experience and opinions on poverty and livelihood’ shows that 67% of Ugandans are unhappy about employment while 70% are unhappy about corruption.

The same research revealed that 81% of Ugandans’ household income doesn’t meet their daily expenses.

However, the amount of money that households report needing everyday has reduced from UGX 11800 in 2017 to 10,300 in the same period.

“Half of all Ugandan households have a member who has been forced to drop out of school for financial reasons. And 2 out of 10 households 22% have a member who has died due to lack of financial resources for medical expenses,” part of the report reads

According to Twaweza’s Program Officer Marie Nanyanzi, this figures represent the different hardships that Ugandans face daily.

“This data tells a story of economic hardships for an expanding majority of Ugandans citizens. Although they there is a slight decrease in the dissatisfaction levels from 2017, many Ugandans still do not have enough income to meet their daily expenses” she said during the official launch of the report on Thursday morning



The report shows that 29% of Ugandans citizens view poverty as the most serious issue in Uganda compared to 14% who had the same view in 2017. 12% of Ugandans rated unemployment as the second biggest problem.

Overall, more Ugandans are concerned about public services like health, education and water. 50% of Ugandans are also worried about the gap between the rich and the poor.

This data was collected through a high frequency mobile phone survey from 1,905 respondents across Uganda in November 2018

Despite the mentioned challenges, Uganda’s economic growth has relatively improved. According to Bank of Uganda, Uganda’s annual economic growth is currently at 5% and is expected to improve to 6% in the coming years

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