Rent Arrears: Nsereko Implores Government to Devise Tax Waivers for City Landlords

Kampala Central Member of Parliament Mohammad Nsereko has asked government to provide tax waivers to city landlords so that in turn, they can “go easy” on the thousands of tenants who are at the verge of losing their work stations because of the accumulating rent arrears.

“Government should come out, lower taxes and provide tax waivers to landlords on the Income Tax charged on rental income for the next 3 months,” he said.

Appearing on NBS television, Nsereko noted that due to the COVID-19 crisis, 2.5 million people will most likely lose their businesses as the arcades and other mall landlords continue to evict tenants, lock up shops in the Central Business District.

“Landlords evicting traders and locking up their shops due to rent arrears is one of the symptoms that businesses are collapsing. We predicted and we spoke, the measures that the President used have drowned us to this,” he noted.

He added that landlords have loans from the banks, a more reason for them to evict their tenants due to the bank pressure.

“Landlords have loans, tenants have both loans and rent arrears. The best solution is for government to free all loans for the next 3 months until we recover and enforce the NSSF intervention plan as a rescue strategy,” Nsereko added.

Nsereko insists that the measures of the lockdown were not the best for the people and the effects will be detrimental to all business for a long time.

“I personally wasn’t happy with the lockdown measures. We would have locked down people from where they were, say stay where you are, continue working as we carry out different tests to see who is infected and then take action,” he opined.



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