Renovate Your Small Kitchen into a Versatile Work Space

A big number of people in Uganda most especially in the urban centres reside in rented apartments.This means that they don’t get to decide on the design and how big or small the house is.

Many a times, one must adapt to the different specifications of the available space and make do with it.

Having a small kitchen space is uncomfortable especially when it is stuffed up and you still work around the same. In most cases it looks like you are competing with the utensils and groceries.

A kitchen like this calls for attention, tidiness and a better arrangement since it’s one of the most important and most visited places in a house. You may not have a chance to expand your kitchen to a desirable size but you have an option of organizing it to create even an extra inch of space.

Here are the solutions as given by an interior designer and a person who has had a small kitchen for seven years.

Utilizing both the horizontal and vertical space

To get your kitchen smart and organized, you shouldn’t leave any space vacant; this means you need to use both the vertical and the horizontal space in your kitchen.

Vertical space


This is the space from the ceiling to the floor; you can decide to fix some cupboards on the wall that will hold most of the kitchen materials that you don’t normally use.

Make use of the space above the refrigerator for storage.

Eunice Ajok of Brown Flats Bukoto says wall cupboards are good to use since they hold things that you may not need soon.

“When choosing what to put in the wall cupboard, make sure you exclude the things that you frequently use because it will disturb you to climb up every day.

You can as well use the cupboard top to store other heavy utensils that you don’t normally use like saucepans, fraying pans, big buckets and more. Use these buckets to store food stuffs like millet flour, rice and more,” she explains.

Use the space above your refrigerator! Put a basket that can hold a few other food stuffs that you don’t necessarily have to put in the fridge.

Alternatively, Edith Kemigisha, an interior designer, says you can use wall hooks to hold some of the utensils on the wall, these can be made in either metal or wood. Here you can hang frying pans, spoons, and folks, and other utensils that have holes on the handles.

You can as well have the hooks to hold brooms, squeezers and other cleaning materials to avoid crowding the floor.

 Horizontal space

Storage baskets will keep your kitchen space neat.

Kemigisha says you can as well use cupboards with various drawers where you can put kitchen ware for daily use such as; match boxes, sugar, packed food stuffs, some utensils you hope to use soon and the like.

“You can also use the cupboard top to keep other things like the flasks, utensil baskets but don’t over occupy it and as for food stuffs, to avoid wasting too much space, make sure you use containers or tins to store them,” she adds

Colour and Décor

Kemigisha adds that with the kitchen we need to use colours that make it seem big and this maybe white or grey. These two colors will help to create an illusion of long edges and this will make it more beautiful.

Matching colors on the cupboards, the wall and floor will create uniformity and make everything artistic.

Your small kitchen will as well need decor to look beautiful, besides colour, you can add interesting things like wall hangings, a clock and colorful vessels.

Kemigisha gives us the Do’s and Don’ts for a small kitchen,


  • Keep the windows open to let in fresh air.
  • Clean the utensils after every meal to avoid piling them up because they will take too much space as well.
  • Clean the floor frequently because cleanliness will make the kitchen more comfortable.
  • keep dangerous things that can cause harm way to avoid accidents.                                                                  Don’ts
  • Don’t fill it with so much furniture for example chairs or stools because they occupy much space, one chair can be enough.
  • Don’t keep rubbish in for a long time because it will cause a bad odor.
  • Don’t keep useless things like empty bottles, broken basins and buckets because they occupy space for no reason.


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