Remanded UYD Youths Assault Police, Prison Officers

Drama unfolded Tuesday afternoon at Buganda Road Court after Grade One Magistrate Joan Aciro denied the five Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) youths bail over the charges of inciting violence and assaulting of a police officer.

The 5 who have been on remand in Luzira Prison since last Friday include Moses Bigirwa, treat Juma Kayondo, Haruna Nsibuka,Hakim Kizza and Allan Kitonsa.

These were arrested by police on Wednesday last week at the main gate of parliament while allegedly making statements that were calculated to incite violence from the public.

The youths being forced out of court
The youths being forced out of court

Before today’s dramatic court session, a group of fellow UYD youths who were in court lost patience waiting for the magistrate who was scheduled to arrive at 3pm.

These started shouting and stamping their feet, saying that if she delayed any longer, they would assume her position and dismiss the case.

“She has 15 minutes to appear and release our colleagues, or else we have educated people who can preside over this court in case she fails,” said Chief Mbowa, one of the DP youths.

Angry Chief Mbowa
Angry Chief Mbowa

After her arrival, the Magistrate Aciro  proceeded to rule against the youths’ bail application stating that they failed to prove to court any peculiar circumstances of how their welfare or that of their families would be endangered if kept on remand at Luzira prison.

She added that society must be protected from such lawlessness before fixing the case for hearing on 4th October 2016, and remanding them back to Luzira.


She further advised them to present two substantial sureties each on that day when they file a fresh bail application in case they are still interested.

Upon the ruling, the 5 accused youths raised their hands to address court which the magistrate denied.

Speaking with anger, the suspects started attacking the magistrate, accusing her of trampling upon their rights.

The court session was adjourned but the suspects refused to leave the dock, shouting that they were not ready to return to Prison.

The youths exchange with police officers outside court
The youths exchange with police officers outside court

This resulted in a scuffle as the Prisons officers together with police attempted at first to persuade the prisoners to return back to court cells.

A physical fight followed as the youths beat up the officers who tried to approach them. They were nonetheless overpowered and forced back into the cell.

However, other youths proceed outside and attacked the Buganda Road Resident State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya and State Prosecutor Peter Mugisha who were rescued by police.

Meanwhile the unruly youths went outside court where they exchanged words with the Police officers who were preventing them from crossing to the Court cells.

Wife of one of the Accused vowed to bring her family to court on Wednesday
Wife of one of the Accused vowed to bring her family to court on Wednesday

They indeed broke the gate and marched to the court cells but encountered prisons officers who were armed and ready for battle and were unable to push through.

The anti riot police was call in and it surrounded the entire court house and the main gate.

The wife to one of the accused Moses Bigirwa, vowed to bring her whole family tomorrow at Buganda Road Court.



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