Rema Desperate for Wedding, Begs Fans to Convince Kenzo

Celebrated and talented songbird Rema Namakula has been living with baby daddy Eddy Kenzo for years though the music couple is not legally married but has a child together.

Whereas Kenzo seems like he is not in a hurry to officially tie the knot with Rema, the ‘Deep in Love’ hit maker has in the past hinted about the fact that she wants to make the relationship official.

ChimpLyf has since established that Rema is desperate to get married to the BET award winning singer so much that she has literary begged her fans to help her convince Kenzo to wed her officially.

We are told that Rema has on several occasions told Kenzo to legalize their relationship but the ‘Sitya Loss’ star singer has failed to act on it.

Rema has now asked her fans to help soften Kenzo’s heart so he can at least consider the marriage issue.

Eddy Kenzo with Rema and their kids

Rema, a few days back released a new song titled ‘Sili Muyembe’ (literary meaning ‘Am not a Mango) in which her desperation can be heard.

In the song, Rema indirectly tells Kenzo to make it official by ‘putting a ring on’ in an official marriage ceremony because she is tired of waiting.

Rema also tells Kenzo how she has turned down proposals from other men for him.


She sings about how she is not a mango that Kenzo is waiting to ripen before he can make up his mind about marrying her.

This comes a week after it emerged that Kenzo has another woman only identified as Salma living in USA who is allegedly pregnant for him.

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