Relationships: Bad Black’s Boyfriend Turns Out to Be Her Uncle

Socialite Bad Black has been dating a man known as Asha for a while now. The two revealed their intimacy on Snapchat and Bad Black often comes out to attack and wave off any females who try to ‘snatch’ her man.

Yesterday, she shockingly revealed that her boyfriend is related to her. Apparently, the two went to pick up Asha’s National Identification card and they realised that their surnames are from the same clan.

“Picking Asha’s national ID…this is how we came to know that he is from the same clan as my mother so he is my uncle,” Bad Black revealed on her Snapchat.

Amongst the Baganda, it is bad omen for people from the same clan to have sexual relations together.

However, even after knowing that Asha is her uncle, Bad Black said that ‘the fact’ will not change anything.

“Even if Asha was my father, I would still chew him. I can’t breathe without his love and now we are related so let’s protect each other. But truth is he is my uncle,” Bad Black posted.


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