Relationships: 6 Things to Keep your Love Burning

Love is like a wild fire – you need to keep pushing the rocks to keep it burning.

Some couples lose it in the first two years of their marriage and start living for the sake of children which is absurd.

Here are some of the things you can explore to keep your relationship alive and meaningful.

Do the things you used to do when dating

Couples tend to bore each other because they become totally different when they get married.

The routine changes to work, cooking, doing house chores, taking care of the kids day in day out which is extremely boring.

To stay alive, you need to revisit and explore the things you enjoyed doing when you had just met.

Go back to those night diners, the comedy shows, the idle strides around malls, supermarkets or the city and you will find yourselves once more.


Get back to those beautiful names

Sarah Kihika, a married woman notes that we all have sweet names we call our partners when we have just met.

To stay sweet and passionate, we need to get back to honey, love, bae and resurrect the old feeling within.

She notes that this will be a way to a new start in your marriage which will bring back all the sweet memories once shared.

“Send them that encouraging message when they are at work just like you used to, pack the lunch box and let life take its course,” she says, adding that marriage doesn’t mean one should change but seek to have more fun as you have finally chosen the person you want to be with forever.

I love you” is simple but magical

We all like to be loved and constantly reminding your partner how you love them could take your love to the sky.

Sandra Mugenyi, a free-lance marriage counsellor advises couples to always declare their love for each however old they are.

“You shouldn’t just say but mean what you are saying, this will keep the two of you committed to each other,” she adds.

Look good

It’s disturbing when a former princess turns into an ugly Betty just because they are married.

You should keep up your standards, workout and keep in shape, take care of your hair and clothes so that your partner doesn’t have to look for a younger and good looking match to enjoy with.

Go out

Having children doesn’t mean you should stop living.

You can leave them with someone and enjoy a day or two together. This could be at the beach, a mall, road trip, vacation just to bring back the good old times you once shared and keep to your love relevant.

Kihika adds that you should all be open with each other because secrets break marriages.


Communication is the mother of a great and long lasting marriage. You should be a couple that tables down issues and reach a mutual understanding.

The more you have open, real and truthful communications, the more you understand each and nothing can ever break you.

Avoid cheating

The reason most couples get issues is because of cheating by either of the partners.

To keep your love up, stick to yourselves – this will show your partner how you trust and treasure them a lot and this will keep your love burning.

On top of this Kihika notes that respect is very important.

You should listen to one another and respect each other’s decision and thoughts.

You can never to fail to love someone who understands and believes in you for who you are.

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