Relationship: Don’t Push Just Because Time is Running Out- Expert

So many people are pushed into relationships not because they have fallen in love but because time is running out.  Betty Masika, a mother of three notes that as long as a girl is above 18 years, they are able to get married as per the Ugandan law.

Isaac Murungi a business man says  that one should be mature enough before getting married. He says that the preferred time should be 27 years as a girl is young to conceive and mature enough to make firm and reasonable decisions.

When you find  the right partner

Murungi advises that as long as you are above 18 and you find a suitable partner, then you are ready for marriage. And in case you don’t find one, don’t give in to family and friends pressure as this lay lead you into making wrong choices.

“Rather be alone than in a poor relationship because it can never workout, marriage means togetherness, love and care, you may miss out on this if you don’t choose your partner wisely”

“there is nothing like perfect husband, or wife, if you find a person who meets 70 per cent of what you need in a partner, got for them,” Murungi adds.

When you are done with school

It’s very important for someone to get married after completing school as this will help you concentrate on one thing more. Jane Nabasa, a counsellor notes that most students run out of school to get married and end up hitting a dead end.


The marriage doesn’t work out and they can’t go back to school, she advises that you do one thing at a time.

When you are financially stable

Nabasa notes that men have a big load to carry in marriage. They therefore have to have enough money to run a home. She says marriage means children will come along who will add on expenses. She says that before marriage, a man should make sure they have a stable source of income.

When you are ready

Sometimes we marry or get married because of the peer pressure we face from family and friends. Nabasa says that marriage is an institution that needs ample time and respect to run. You should be ready to work hand in hand with your partner to move forward. You should be able to forego somethings like parties, outings among others as these break marriages.

If you feel that you may not handle the pressure, wait for your opportune moment when you are prepared for it.

When there is love

Marriage should happen only when there is love, as long as you have a partner who you truly love and they love you back, Murungi notes that you should never let them go.

Expert take

Nabasa notes that there is no age limit to marriage; it’s an open entity that every individual of legal age can embrace as long as they are mentally and emotionally prepared for it. To her 25 to 27 is the ideal age for women and 30 to 35 for men. At that age, both parties are mature enough to make informed decisions.

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