Reject and Report Corruption – Fr. Lokodo Urges Gulu Residents

The State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Rev Fr Simon Lokodo has implored the public to reject and report any form of Corruption that might be happening in their areas so that the vice is completely dealt with.

Father Lokodo made this appeal while launching two Luo   simplified versions of anti-corruption laws at Gulu district Council Hall.

In a speech read by Gulu District Chairman, Hon. Ojara Martin Mapenduzi,  Father Lokodo noted that Article 17[1] [i] of the constitution of Uganda provides that it is the duty of every citizen of Uganda to combat corruption and misuse or wastage of public property.

Father Lokodo also revealed that the Directorate of Ethics and integrity has developed the Zero Tolerance to Corruption Policy, and was approved by the Cabinet in October last year adding that Policy will be launched in June this year.

The Permanent Secretary in the Office of Ethics and Intergrity, Mr. Alex Bwangamoi Okello said this two simplified versions of the anti-corruption, Laws will go a long way in Fighting corruption in the community.

Mr. Bwangamoi also urged the people to fight corruption to the very end of their lives because it is a deeply rooted issue in   the society that is quite complex and not easy to deal with.

Gulu district Chairman Mr. Ojara Martin Mapeduzi appealed to the community and Leaders to read the book that is already in the Local Language and apply what is inside it.

Mr. Mapenduzi added the book will be distributed to Primary schools, Public libraries among others so that it is accessible to the public.


Although there are many anti-corruption laws and entities put to fight Corruption, but the vice is still widely practiced among public officials and other private sectors and Uganda losses billions of shillings annually to corruption.


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