Refresher Training for LDUs Kicks Off in Kakiri

The UPDF has this Monday started training Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel as announced last week.

The training programme includes political education, civil policing, Law and the role of media in military operations among others.

The training was launched today by Deputy Commander Land Forces, Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, starting with those of Lubaga Battalion.

The launch took place at Kakiri Barracks where all the personnel of the 10 Battalions of the LDUs operating in Kampala Metropolitan Policing (KMP) Area will undergo weeks of the refresher course.

The training follows public outcry on the behavior and actions of some of the LDU members, who used excessive force in incidents in which a number of people were injured and others killed.

The army has maintained that such were isolated incidents and that the perpetrators were arrested and prosecuted.

Overall, the army says the LDU have done a decent job especially during the enforcement of Covid19 lock down measures.

Speaking at the event, Maj Gen Kavuma hailed the LDUs for reversing the undesirable security situation that had prevailed in KMP such as robberies, kidnaps and economic sabotage on factories among others.


“Records show that the LDUs have done great work in KMP. In the last six months alone, over 05 riffles have been recovered by the force, 02 pistols, 04 toy pistols, a number of walkie talkies, several rounds of ammunitions of different caliber and other assortment of military stores. These could have been used to gravely destabilize the security of the people in KMP,” he said.

He added that 4 cars and over 15 stolen motorcycles, together with several household and office items were also recovered by the intelligence guided patrols of the LDUs in KMP in the last one year.

To maintain this positive trend achieved, the General said that when a battalion of the LDUs are under the refresher training, the rest will continue patrolling.

He noted that much as there are significant achievements registered, in all societies there are usually a few people who fall short of the required standards.

“Nevertheless, over 99% of the LDUs are doing a great job. The few who fell short of the operational standards have been charged in the court as per the laws.”

He told the trainees, “The army you joined a year or months ago has got a history. The NRA/UPDF journey is very long and full of obstacles but we have been successful not by accident but because of our pro-people ideology. It is important that we remind ourselves of this important journey and what helped us reach this far.”

The training will be conducted by the UPDF and Uganda Police Force instructors.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Maj Gen Sam Kawaga the Commander of infantry Division and other Senior Officers.

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