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Red Tabara Rebels Killed in Burundi Attack

The Burundian armed forces have crushed an attempted attack in the northwestern part of the country by the Red Tabara rebel movement, Chimp Corps report.

Dozens of fighters were killed and others injured or captured as they tried to launch an incursion in the Bubanza Province, about 112 kilometers from the capital, Gitega.

The rebels declared war on Burundi in a brief media statement on Tuesday.

“The brave Red Tabara warriors on October 21 launched the beginning of a resistance for a rule of law,” the movement said.

Some people fled the attacked areas

“It should be recalled that the fight for the democracy is more than Burundi.”

They also confirmed batting government forces in Bubanza, adding, “The Burundi is not as stable as the current regime claims.”

Officials say 50 Red Tabara rebels struck Bubanza only to be countered by Burundian forces.

Burundi has for the last few years witnessed stability across the country after government forces defeated an attempted coup against President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Nkurunziza later blamed Rwanda for financing and organizing the coup while he was attending a meeting in Tanzania, a claim Kigali dismissed as diversionary.

The Burundian armed opposition movement is fragmented, consisting of several groups with separate structures, most of whose leaders are in exile. It is not clear whether, or to what extent, they collaborate or coordinate their actions.

While RED-Tabara has claimed it only targets government forces, many other people have also been injured in attacks attributed to the group especially in Chibitoke.

It also was accused of atrocities in Minembwe in South Kivu, Eastern Congo.

Pictures seen by ChimpReports show some of the captured rebels being quizzed by government forces.

Terrified residents of affected areas fled their homes for safety.

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