Record TV’s Usher Marliz Kulusum Throws in the Towel

Upcoming Record Television Presenter Usher Marliz Kulusum has thrown in the towel after close to two years at the station.

She dropped the bomb shell at the climax of today’s 8:30 PM “Speak Uganda” News Bulletin.

“Life has got beginnings and endings, this bulletin ends my services at Record TV network and a beginning with another,” Kulusum told ChimpReports.

Until Saturday, she has also been hosting the “Her Moment” show which hosts outstanding women in the Ugandan Society.

Kulusum revealed thaht this devtelopment was prompted by the management’s failure to meet contractual obligations.

“I can’t negotiate because the company claims covid-19 has affected them so they don’t have money…so today while closing the bulletin, I surprised everyone by declaring myself not working with the team anymore,” she explained.

While others have decided to take work on volunteer basis until the situation normalizes, Kulusum revealed that the reasons advanced by were not satisfactory.

“I can’t tell because a few contracts were terminated and people were told to volunteer until the company recovers…but we saw it coming because they always said they have run bankrupt,” she further stated.


Kulusum also intimated that the management’s argument was not tenable given that she has bills to pay.

Given this, Kulusum disclosed that the company had agreed to terminate the contract and compensate her an undisclosed amount of money.

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) alumnus however declined to pin point her next stop.

“I have got many options to choose from because many companies have always approached me. I need advice from PROs in the industry, I may opt for a communications job for a certain org,” she weighed in.

“I still want to be in the news industry but when I consider a certain TV, I will unveil the news after signing my contract with them as a news anchor or talk show host,” Kulusum concluded.

Over the years, the Kira Road-based Station has lost a number of its prodigies like Douglas Lwanga, Anatalia Ozie, Remi Bahati and Mordecai Muriisa under unclear circumstances.

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