Recent Strange Disease Outbreaks Blamed on Animal Abuse

Animal protection activists have blamed the recent outbreak of new diseases like Corona Virus to encroachment and misuse of animals by humans.

Edith Kabesiime, the WildLife Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection (WAP) Africa says because humans have broken barriers that were naturally put to prevent humans from interfering with animals, strange animal and human diseases have started to break out.

“Humans are getting too close to animals, invading their spaces, trading them for money and eating animals that we originally didn’t eat. This does not only expose humans to animal diseases but also endangers and violate the rights of animals. It is for this reason that we are seeing very strange disease outbreaks,” she said

She added, “It is not placing blame on China for the Corona Virus because all of us have in one way or the other misused animals, we just hope that such incidents will awaken us so that we understand thataAnimals are also living creatures that have an important role in the ecosystem and so they should be treated with respect.”

Kabesiime says WAP is soon launching a campaign “Promise for Animals” to raise awareness about the abuse that humans are inflicting on animals and to ensure that even the small animals like pigeons, scorpions, snakes are allowed to survive in their natural inhabitants

Kabesiime was speaking at the sidelines of the annual WildLife Run organised by Uganda WildLife Authority (UWA) to bring awareness and raise the profile of WildLife in Uganda and the whole world.

The event which was officiated by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya took place on Sunday 23rd February 2020 at the Uganda Museum. Over 1500 people took part in the the full marathon 42kms, half marathon 21kms plus 10 and 5km runs.

The money from the run will go to families of game park rangers that have lost lives to poachers.

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