RCC, Women Activists Fight Over “Anti Museveni” Campaign

A hot exchange ensued at a gender related public forum at Hotel Africana when the city RCC Aisha Kabanda tried to block the activists from critiquing president Museveni for women’s marginalization in the country.

The Forum where RCC Kabanda was invited as Chief Guest, was organized by Forum for Women In Democracy (FOWODE) to launch the “Women with Whistles” Campaign.

The campaign is geared toward awakening women across the country to blow whistles against injustices,  inequality and marginalization especially by their male counterparts.

The Forum however turned rowdy when the chief guest cautioned the other speakers against castigating president Museveni, noting that he had nothing to do with the challenges the Uganda women face today.

Mrs Kabanda went ahead and threatened to call in law enforcement if the forum continued to gravitate towards national politics.

“If this (whistle blowing) campaign is all about ousting president Museveni from power, then I will collect those whistles and take them away before we arrest some of you,” charged the RCC.

The RCC was also enraged by some participants who introduced themselves as “NRM supporters who sympathize with Hon Amama Mbabazi”.

Kabanda told off the women activists that they had themselves to blame for their marginalization, not president Museveni who brought about women emancipation, the affirmative action and other programs meant for the development of women.

Her remarks however were aggressively countered by participants and forum organizers, who said they wouldn’t tolerate being gagged by the RCC.

“Why then do you claim that your government brought about freedom of speech, if we not allowed to express ourselves when we feel it has not done enough?,” charged UYONET’s Helena Okiring.

The function faded amidst fury as the RCC stormed out, declining to partake in the whistle blowing exercise.

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