Raphael Magyezi Calls for Tough Social Media Regulations After Poison Hoax

The Member of Parliament for Igara West County, Rapheal Magyezi has asked government to implement tougher regulations on social media, following what he called fake reports about his health last week.

Magyezi, who successfully moved the famed presidential age limit bill last year, was over the weekend publicized on various social media platforms that he had been poisoned and hospitalized in critical condition.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Public Service and Local Government on Monday, Magyezi who some of the MPs thought  was supposed to be in hospital, said social media is grossly misused and the rights of many people are being abused on the platforms.

“There is misuse of social media and as Members of Parliament we need to go back and find out if there is something we need to do to ensure that as we promote it as a tool of development. We should equally ensure that those exercising their rights on those platforms do not step over the rights and freedom of others,” said Magyezi.

He informed fellow colleagues that there are several false stories on social media inconsiderately targeting innocent people.

“There are stories of poisoning and deaths online. Falsehoods are shamelessly carried out against innocent people,” noted Magyezi.

Magyezi championed the amendment of contentious presidential age limit law that was overwhelmingly passed by Parliament after unprecedented events including physical fights inside the Parliamentary chambers.

The opponents of the law unsuccessfully petitioned the Constitutional Court to declare it null and have it expunged from the Constitution.



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