Ramadan Mubarak: Africell Uganda Donates Items Worth Shs15M To Moslem Community In Kampala

Ramadan Mubarak is a holy month observed by the Moslems world over and is such a time they give back to the needy and to foster their project,Africell Uganda has this Wednesday donated items worth Shs15M.

Africell has always been at the forefront of appreciating and giving back to its customers for their continued loyalty and support to the company.

The company has partnered with the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council to help feed the hungry,cloth the needy among other activities.

Africell will also be linking up with their up country team to effect the same token.

While handing over the items to the Uganda Muslim Council,Edgar Karamagi,Africell Public Relations Officer said that the donation is part of the community charitable activities,which is a token of appreciation to the Moslem brothers and customers at large.

Africell PRO Mr.Edgar Karamagi addressing Journalists at the event held on Wednesday at the Uganda Moslem Supreme Offices in Kampala

“We at Africell acknowledge the support that we receive from our Customers and as a way of giving back to the community,we decided to partner with the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council to put a smile on those faces in need,”said Mr.Karamagi.

Africell will continue appreciating and rewarding it’s customers for the long term support and trust they have over the years showcased.

Some of the items donated include 6 bags of Kakira Sugar,6 bags of maize flour,6 Kgs of  Pakistan rice,3 cartons of Azam wheat flour and three 20-litre jerricans of star fry cooking oil among others.

Some of the items donated

While receiving the donation, the 2nd Deputy Mufti of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Sheikh Muhammad Waiswa Ali applauded Africell for their generosity showcased in donating to the needy.

Sheikh Muhammad Waiswa Ali addresing the press after receiving the donation

After Kampala,the project will see Africell extend support to the whole Districts of Kabarole and Kabaale.

In the same spirit Africell,has given a special offer to its customers of 500Mbs+1GB YouTube data and unlimited talk time all day and night long during this special holy month among other offers.

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