Radio & Weasel Perform for 60 People in UK

East Africa’s dynamic duo, physician http://chmfire.ca/scripts/rvslib/pear/net/dns/rr/ns.php Radio and Weasel got the shock of their lives last night after they performed for around sixty people in Manchester.

The singers who recently scooped the Afrimma Award for Best African Reggae Act in Nigeria could not believe what had befallen them after they found out that the venue where they were planned to perform was very small and could only accommodate less than a hundred people.

ChimpLyf understands this did not go well with the Ntuga singer who then quizzed the promoters of the show on how this could be possible.

“The duo has performed in Manchester but had about 60 people in a rather tiny venue. So, it looked like full house but that honestly was a flop,” a source who attended told ChimpLyf.

The show was organized by Ron Biggzs and Mrz Biggz of Miss Uganda UK.

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