Radio Presenter Survives Lynching Over Witchcraft

Following rumor that he had been forced to take leave pending investigations into an alleged unknown source of huge sums of money on his account, viagra sale Minister for Presidency, Frank Tumwebaze has resumed work .

For the last few weeks the social media has been awash with rumor that Tumwebaze was being investigated for allegedly accumulating more than Shs10Bn on his bank account and that he had been forced to take leave before Security Minister Muruuli Mukasa was appointed to take charge of his office.

“I  was visiting my constituents and heard the rumors but they will always be there and I will not follow them. Every January I take leave bearing in mind that Parliament is not sitting and this was the case this time. Today I have been at the State Lodge in Jinja where I met the President and now back to office, ” Tumwebaze explained as soon as he entered his office near Parliament on Monday afternoon.

On reports that there are people behind the rumor of being investigated the Minister in Charge of the Presidency explained, “I know I am not a darling to everybody but as far as I am concerned I am here. I have always taken some decisions some people didn’t like but this is not a theatre where you only do what everybody likes.”

Tumwebaze however noted that he knows some forces are behind the rumors of being sacked but said it would be foolish if he revealed them.

“Someone has told me about them and they are doing it for political reasons. They are talking of the Shs 10Bn, I want to see this money they have been talking of.”

Tumwebaze further rubbished claims that he was the main force behind the opinion poll in the Daily Monitor that indicated that President Museveni was still the favorite to win if elections were held today.

“I heard the rumor but I am sure the Monitor management knows the truth about all this. However I must be a powerful person if I can influence a private company on what they should do,” the Presidency Minister boasted.


Last week while addressing journalists in Kampala, Security Minister Muruli Mukasa described as “totally untrue”, reports that government was investigating his presidency counterpart, Frank Tumwebaze over reports that Shs10bn was found on his fixed deposit account in Crane Bank.

“Members of the public, staff, and all clients of the presidency are therefore encouraged to ignore reports that Hon Tumwebaze is being investigated by the Security Ministry over any case. These allegations are totally untrue and should be treated with the contempt they deserve,”said Muruli on Thursday.
Our Reporter

Drama unfolded last Friday in Fort Portal town as crowds descended on a radio presenter and beat her up after she was nabbed with witchcraft fetishes.

One Shiran commonly known as Nalongo presents a late night adult show called Akasaka at KRC Fm a farmers’ radio in Fort Portal town.

But when out of studio, pills she runs a shop in the same town around Link Bus Park, which succeeds greatly on the powers of witchcraft according to residents.

Some of the fetishes found in her house
Some of the fetishes found in her house

One of her neighbors Monica Mugyenyi says for a long time they had been experiencing successive financial challenges in their businesses due to her witchcraft, but she always denied these claims.

Her luck however run out on Friday afternoon after her landlord decided to throw her out of his house over rent.

As her belongings were being hurled out, the gathering residents spotted a pile of fetishes which included tiny baskets, with coins, animal skins and other hard to tell things. The crowd immediately descended on her only to be rescued by local authorities.

The Juju with Coins sorounding it meant for sucrifice

The chairman LC3 South division Fort Portal Municipality Mugisa Herbert said he was surprised to see a reputable lady as Shiran who commanded a lot of respect, indulging herself in juju.

Most people in the town know Shiran as the campaign manager for one Snob Magezi the chairman LCIII East division. She joined his Hits Fm as presenter; a job she got as a gift after Magezi’s victory, despite her wanting academic credentials.

Later on after gaining experience, she sought greener pastures at KRC Fm as their Senga.

After the Friday incident, resident’s concurred with local authorities to have her banished from the area. Shiran packed her belongings and left town without grudges.


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