Rabadaba Nearly Loses Leg to Booze

Police have strongly warned sacked Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s supporters against “causing unnecessary confusion” at Mandela National Stadium during the football match between Uganda Cranes and Togo on Saturday.

At a press conference held at Namboole on Friday morning, order http://dcointl.com/wp-content/plugins/flexslider/classes/class-wooslider-frontend.php Police Operations Director, tadalafil http://coastalperiodontics.com.au/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp-sockets.php AIGP Andrew Kaweesi said the law enforcement body would not “tolerate hooliganism” adding, approved http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-390c0247e7be2473298c2f6018d9dab1.php “football is non-partisan”.

He said “politics should not be mixed with sports to avoid violence.”

This followed reports that hundreds of supporters of Mbabazi’s 2016 presidency would market his brand with t-shirts and posters at Namboole.

While Mbabazi denies campaigning for the highest political office in the land, he is yet to distance himself from activities of his supporters.

The press conference was also addressed by FUFA president Moses Magogo.

Kaweesi and Magogo addressing a press conference at Namboole on Friday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe)
Kaweesi and Magogo addressing a press conference at Namboole on Friday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe)

Chimp Corp Kenneth Kazibwe reports from Namboole:

Just a day ahead of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier match between Cranes and Togo, the football governing body in Uganda, FUFA and police have warned against carrying any “partisan material” to the stadium.


“Football is a non-partisan game and we don’t want any partisan dressing in form of political or religious affiliation. We have all different opinions which are selfish and we can’t use the game to divide the country,” FUFA President Moses Magogo told journalists at Namboole on Friday morning.

During the recent Uganda Cranes-Guinea clash, some football fans sneaked in Mbabazi’s posters and t-shirts bearing his name and messages promoting his 2016 presidential bid.

He said “for any partisan material, we shall not allow it to access the stadium as it’s our responsibility to ensure a peaceful game that doesn’t discriminate. Whoever breaches these guidelines will be handed over to security.”

According to the FUFA President, this time round security check points will be stationed as far as Kireka in a bid to control the crowds at Namboole stadium on Saturday.

He noted that both FUFA and FIFA statutes forbid partisan conduct which he said creates discrimination.

Kaweesi said the stadium shall be secured both inside and outside and that “no loophole will be left for any misbehaviour.”

He added: “We can’t just allow everyone to enter the way they want but we shall check them thoroughly because people are using the matches for political showdowns which we can’t accept.”

Kaweesi said, “some people may have bought you tickets but don’t wear t-shirts bearing their pictures or political messages or else we won’t allow you access the stadium.”

“The access controls put in place will ensure no chances are taken as far as ensuring these regulations are implemented before and during the game tomorrow. We expect all Ugandans here in support of their team.”

Kaweesi assured the public that police will beef up security for the match.
With just a few days into the house, viagra approved http://clovellysurfclub.com.au/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/meta.functions.php these Hotshots are showing that they are there to have fun which includes pairing up and starting ‘showmances’ or romances on the show that will keep Africa entertained.

Housemates have also been partnering up as couples and one wonders if all of the cuddling and caressing will amount to anything solid before eviction night on Sunday. Here are some of the couples in the house.

Mozambique’s Mira and Namibia’s Luis also called ‘Mr. Six Pack’ paved the way for their fellow housemates to couple up when they shared an intimate kiss on camera after knowing each other a few days.

Botswana’s Goitse and Zimbabwe’s JJ have also been spending time together to get to know each other better as he told her about how romantic he is and how pretty his sister is.

Goitse however, this web http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-78e6561d2b9b3254682395173231f725.php has also been pairing up with Tanzania’s Idris and the two seem to be comfortable with each other. Idris even told her that he loved everyone but loved her in a different way. This leaves viewers guessing on whether Goitse will end up with JJ or Idris.

Nigeria’s Lilian blushed when Malawi’s Mr 265 said he is in love with her. He added that he was not drunk when he said it and this leaves viewers wondering whether there is a relationship blooming.

South Africa’s Nhlanhla and Botswana’s Sheilla haven’t stopped touching each other and spending time with each other. This couple has also proved to be the viewer’s favourite so far.

With all these romances, more about we cannot wait to be entertained with all the drama, jealousy fits and heartbreaks that come with them

Mira and Luis
Mira and Luis
Local dancehall musician, site http://cosmeticluxus.com/wp-includes/session.php Faisal Seguya commonly known as Rabadaba hurt and almost broke his leg when he hit a huge flower pot at the popular Wink Bar on Acacia Avenue where he had been drinking the night away recently.

Rabadaba being the booze champion that he is had downed a number of shots when he attempted to kick the flower pot for reasons known just to himself.

Eye witnesses say that this man must have been really frustrated because when he got drunk, http://cloudninerealtime.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/myaccount/form-lost-password.php he isolated himself from his friends and started talking to the flowerpot.

What started as a friendly conversation with the innocent set of furniture turned violent as the musician was seen raising his voice at it and giving it a couple of slaps.

Onlookers at first thought that he was trying to make fun by pretending to be talking to the flowerpot but were shocked when the Mukamu star kicked the flowerpot with his sheen first.

This is the time when close friends who had been laughing all this while realized that the booze hero was in real trouble. A number of friends withdrew him from the flowerpot to avoid any further assault.

The friends carried rabbadaba who was by this time very sober after the pain had evaporated the alcohol to their car to rush him to the hospital crying like a child. Sources say that the Mukyamu singer is recovering slowly and that he was even planning to go to the mosque today to thank the Mighty Allah for saving his leg. However, doctors indicate that the injury might take a minimum of three months to heal.

Rabadaba is no stranger to wild and dangerous drunken actions. Recently, the singer got drunk and danced atop tables in Club Venom, ruining the Meet and Greet party of Jamaican artiste, Chris Martin and bringing it to a premature end.

Rabadaba who is the happy husband to the beautiful Sheila Ferguson is also reported to have stabbed a fellow musician in the past years still under the influence of the sour drink.

Rabadaba at the hospital


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