Qwela Band,Tempra Omona Exquisite Performance

Thursday Night is a memorable Night to remember in the history of live music in Uganda as the ‘Tusker Malt Music Lounge’ series returned with yet another edition.


This time round with the unique sounds of afro-soul mix band ‘Qwela band featuring Northern Uganda’s finest singer Tempra Omona.


Qwela’ which means ‘pure’ in Rukiga truly lived up to its name as they presented their guests with the best of pure music against a blend of many different cultural backgrounds.


The band treated revelers to some soothing Afromix-centric music as they performed several songs.



The additional bonus was the forever celebrated classics that stole the crowd’s attention as they sang to their hearts content and later washed it down with the cold Tusker Malt beer being served all night long.


“Ladies and gentlemen,you know I used to hear this guy on radio,I followed him for a long time to an extent that i had to send him a Facebook message.

Tempra is a guy who is passionate about his country and I decided one day that I needed to do something with him.

Tonight, I can proudly say I am happy that he accepted to work with us,please join me and welcome Tempra on stage,” said Joe,the head of the band.

Joe Qwela performing

When finally on stage,fans would expect less through out his performance as the eccentric singer looked cold,weak and sick.


“Does he even know how to sing,”said one the guests whom we later on identified,is from Masaka.


“A friend asked me to come around to relax,but I don’t seem to enjoy any music here,” he added.


This guest was wrong,Tempra delivered his best,call him better than the best when it comse to live music.


The singer attracted every ones attention especially when he did his hit single ‘Okello.’

“I was inspired by Charlie king,” he said before proceeding to share the story behind ‘Okello.’


“Once upon a time, there lived a man in his 40s with a beautiful wife and handsome son,This man was soo energetic that he had thirst for sex,so he would all the time disturb Okello’s mum and go around with numerous Women.”


“The Mum eventually died and Okello being a young intelligent boy, watched everything in it’s ugliness as it happened.

Some of the models at the event

He decides to get a sugar mummy to replace his mum because all he could think about was his Mum, he had her on his mind all the time.


When Okello’s dad was in his early 70s,remember he had contracted the AIDS virus. One day, he fell sick,a time he needed to be well taken care of,but no one was there to help him as Okello was nowhere to be seen.


‘Gwilong Okello’ which literaly means i want to see my son Okello cried the Dad.


Okello,having got better education form his sugar mummy,was able to fly abroad and as well got a good paying job,but he never wanted to know anything concerning his Dad,” states the story.


Templar by that time controlled the fans,he had put them at the palm of his hands. “come on everybody, clap,clap clap,” he ordered the fans.


At that time,they would do anything he asked of; from clapping to dancing,they had no option.


“Allow me mesh up with my emotions in my next song I am to perform.

I wrote this song in 2005,I was in my beautiful house in New York but my heart was in Gulu.

Imagine,i had a nice job but all I could think of was my home town Gulu,so I decided to write a song titled ‘Gulu.’

When I was contacted by Charlie King,I told him I had two songs and upon sending them,Gulu is the song he chose.”


Indeed,Gulu sounded really good,the lyrics,full of Gulu and it’s background right from the time of inception to insurgencies.


There is no doubt that it was the crowd’s favorite as they sang without missing any line.


By 10:50 Pm,the singer paved way for the band where they performed  a couple of songs amidst cheers from the crowds who had started to disperse.


Tusker Malt Lager is at the heart of giving our fans a 100% real and authentic music experience. Tonight’s Afromix show has been nothing short of amazing and fresh coming from the incredibly talented band who will be sharing more of these musical nights with us,” said Cathy Twesigye, Tusker Malt Lager Brand Manager,UBL.


With the beats blending,the snares,drums, sax and guitar, all were good.


One would not want it to stop for even a second,but unfortunately to the fans,the band finally dis banded at around 11 Pm.


Ohhh!this is not fair, i am loving the music,infact I still need more of this,”said another fan.

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