Queries as Congolese National is Killed by Rwanda Security Services

Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) on Saturday night announced it had shoot dead a Democratic Republic of Congo national, David Shukuru Mbuyi, while he attempted to escape custody at Nyarugunga Police Station, Kigali.

The 25-year-old, according to the statement, was arrested on suspicion of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

“Mbuyi was under investigation for being part of a transnational network trafficking young Rwandan women for prostitution within the country and abroad,” read the statement by the Investigations Bureau.

“He was arrested earlier this week along with four Rwandan women for producing and broadcasting explicit images via social media for commercial gain,” the statement further indicated.

The incident comes 24 hours after the investigations body paraded four girls between the ages of 18 and 27, for posting pornographic videos online.

The girls told the media that they had visited a ‘rich young man’, who RIB did not name or show at the time, and were under drug influence when the photos were taken and videos recorded.

The four said that he took them out for drinks, later took them home and lured them into going nude so that he would use the videos to boost his social media account.

Mbuyi reportedly told them that he would use the content to grow his following and views. The girls told the media that he bought them all sorts of drinks and drugs and as a result, they didn’t know the consequences of what they were doing.


It should be noted that suspects dying in police custody under unclear circumstances, in Rwanda, is not a new incident.

In February, renowned gospel artist Kizito Mihigo was found dead in a police cell where he had been detained after he was reportedly arrested while trying to flee the country to Burundi.

Police said he had hanged himself using bed sheets, a statement which was dismissed by the public with some people claiming he had been murdered for his stand against bad leadership.

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