Public Criticism of Parliament is a Diversion by Gov’t – Opposition MPs

Members of Parliament on the Opposition have referred to the ongoing public uproar against the August house as an intended diversion plotted by government.

Muwanga Kivumbi who represents Butambala East on Friday disregarded public perception that Opposition MPs are allying with government to misuse tax payers’ money by fulfilling their own interests.

“We as the Opposition have not colluded with government. The media and the public are falling in a trap set up by government with an intention of tarnishing Parliament’s image, buy http://chachanova.com/wp-includes/class-json.php ” Kivumbi said during a dialogue on the Assessment of the NRM’s first 100 days.

He went ahead to say that Parliament has not yet debated a proposal to set a minimum cost to fund MP’s funerals as reported by the media.

“To begin with, abortion my colleagues and I in the Opposition disagree with the idea of having 447 members of Parliament. We also disagree with the Ugshs 200 million for cars.”

“It is NRM that created the big number of parliamentarians to achieve their own objectives therefore the public shouldn’t turn around and blame the Opposition,” he added.

Buhweju MP, Francis Mwijukye told ChimpReports; “It is blackmail for the President to say he has given us money and then go to the public and say we MPs are greedy. He is diverting anger from the person (President Museveni) who is responsible for all the mess in the country to MPs.”

Mwijukye alleges that there’s a deliberate move to create a perception within the public eye that parliament is useless. This idea according to him idea would then result into dissolving the Parliament for good.


Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo while responding to the outlandish proposals by MPs said Ugandans are right to express disappointment in Parliamentarians.

“They should explain why they have chosen to satisfy their stomachs when everybody else is suffering. The tone of MPs yesterday afternoon against the media and everybody who is against their selfish motives said a lot about what they are capable of if given executive power,” Opondo said.

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