PS Kumumanya: New Local Gov’t to Boost Production; Build Industrial Parks

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Local Government Mr Ben Kumumanya has said the newly and now independent Local Government sector will greatly improve service delivery.

The Local government sector began acting independently this financial year on 1st July 2019.

Speaking at the meeting with District Chairpersons and Municipal Council Mayors at Hotel Africana, Kumumanya said the sector will ensure proper management, accountability, advocacy among others that will lead to improvement in delivery of services.

“Some of the objectives of the sector will be to promote coordination and institution linkages for better service delivery and to promote platform to address decentralization challenges,” he said

Kumumanya added that the sector will focus on transformation of local governments into vibrant economies capable of delivering quality services to their communities and generate local revenues.

He called on District Chairpersons and Municipal Council Mayors to focus on production of at least five products in their respective areas, so as to increase the economic welfare of people.

“I call upon each district to give us five products for value addition. Products that can be supported urgently. If it is coffee, tell us and we’ll see how we can add value to it. Districts should also get us land for construction of industrial parks,” he added

At the event, Kumumanya highlighted some of the challenges faced by the sector which include inadequate funding, poor planning among others.


He called on Mayors to endeavor to increase local revenue collection since most of the councils fail to pay councilors’ allowances from local revenue and as a result use grants from government to facilitate council sittings.

Furthermore, the Permanent Secretary called on all local government leaders to avoid conflicts and wrangles.

“Local government leaders should avoid conflicts and poor methods of work. Wrangles stifle development. As political leaders you should endeavor to create harmony between yourselves, the office of the RDC and technical leaders and within the councils themselves,” he added

He further urged them to give technical teams correct and sound advice as they make local policies and decisions, manage all public resources efficiently and ensure delivery of quality services to the people.

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