Protecting Ugandan Rhino, Expert Speaks Out

Club Silk Lounge ‘caught fire’ on Tuesday night as big spenders and the beauties of this city embraced David Lutalo’s  event where he Unveiling his ‘Akantu’ video.


On this event Lutalo interacted with his fans closely, prostate dosage having some light moments as well as performing his songs starting from his break through song, viagra buy  Kapapala.


Weasel joined Lutalo and they performed their Hit known as Helena  as Maro who was among the guest Artists performed alongside the Batusosola star their Hit Mubbi Bubbi.


It was on this event that Maro thanked Lutalo for accepting him to have a collabo with him on the song that has become one of the biggest hits on radio in Kampala.



Finally, try the show ended past midnight after Lutalo had performed and unveiled the Video for  ‘Akantu’



Lutalo's fans dancing to his tunes
Lutalo’s fans dancing to his tunes
Lutalo taking one of his fans
Lutalo taking one of his fans to dance
Maro with David Lutalo in Club Silk
Maro with David Lutalo in Club Silk
One of the beauties at the video unveiling event
One of the beauties at the video unveiling event
Dj Shiru and Cooler man were also present in silk
Dj Shiru and Cooler man were also present at silk

This show attracted a number of party animals which included Radio presenters, music promoters, city business men as well as the city.

It was a hero’s welcome for Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz as he returned to Tanzania after winning the award for ‘Best Male East Africa’ at the African Music Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).


Born Nasibu Abdul Juma, malady the 24-year-old has become famous not only in East Africa but also all over the world. He is famous for hits like ‘Number One’, treatment ‘Mdogo Mdogo’ and has collaborations with Africa’s big names like Davido and Iyanya.


“Although I had a show in Canada on August 2, I felt I had to first bring the fun to my hommies and in Tanzania then I go back to continue with my business. They say there is no place like home,” Diamond wrote on his Facebook page.


His fans expressed a lot of love for him when they came in large numbers to welcome him and congratulate him upon winning. Most fans left him messages on his social media pages saying they are proud of him and urging him to work harder.


Diamond is considered influential among his fans, and is said to be the most loved and decorated Tanzanian artist at the moment as he has won and been nominated for several awards in Tanzania and worldwide.

Residents of Nakasongola were yesterday treated to a free Rhino trek by Rhino Fund a head of their talk on the threatened lives of the Rhinos in the neighboring Ziwa Rhino sanctuary.

According to Angie Genade, buy more about the Executive Director, abortion Rhino Fund Uganda involving different stakeholders from the region was paramount in safeguarding the sanctuary.

“Rhino Fund Uganda has made history in bringing together important people in Nakasongola including, government officials, community members, tourism Police and Rhino Fund Rangers to talk security” Genade said.

In an event held at Amuka Lodge, ChimReports managed to catch up with Genade in an exclusive Interview on the theme of PROTECT OUR RHINO AND WILDLIFE and below are the recaps of the encounter.

Community memebers attending to the awareness message delivered by Angie
Community members attending to the awareness message delivered by Angie

Chimp: Comment on the engagement of different stake holders in the security of the sanctuary?

Angie: Rhino poaching in Africa is currently at its highest level ever with South Africa having lost in excess of 700 rhino during 2014 alone.

Rhino Fund Uganda has always worked closely with the community and district leaders, since most of them do not have access to television where rhino poaching is announced.

We saw the need to bring them together to inform them of the situation and danger that rhino are facing in Africa hence raising awareness throughout our district of the need for vigilance at all times.

We also used this opportunity to take our visiting community and district leaders to see the rhino while on foot.
Chimp: What are the likely threat to the Rhinos at the moment.”

Angie: The current danger there is that rhino and elephant poachers are always on the lookout for new targets, so we believe this can be contained through meetings like this and laying a good security plan.

Chimp: How has Rhino Fund boosted its surveillance ground at the sanctuary to counter check on illegal poaching?

Angie: Well, we have continue to share information between our district leaders,security officials as well as the wider community. Because keeping a good relations has enabled us create awareness on the pending threats to Africa’s largest game.
Chimp: what is the latest incidence of game killing at the sanctuary?

Angie: Small game poaching is ongoing in our district of operation but we do regular anti poaching exercises along with community sensitization with regards to this not being legal.

However, with have not had any single scenario with the Rhino. In-fact, Uganda is the only country in Africa that has not lost a Rhino to poaching since 2004 and we can only hope that through good community and security relationships we can keep it this way.

Chimp: How did you make this revelation possible?

Angie: Rhino Fund Uganda works closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority as well as the Tourism Police. Quite a number of UWA rangers, Tourism Police, Saracen Security as well as Rhino Fund Rangers have been placed within the sanctuary.
Most of which are armed and we monitor all the Rhino with armed rangers 24 hours per day.

Chimp: Whats your message to Ugandans and tourist planing for a tour?

Angie: This rhino reintroduction program is definitely something for all Ugandans to be proud of, the breeding of the rhinos here has been very successful.

We need to applaud all the rangers and Ugandan Nationals who have continued to provide maximum security for the animals and the tourist.

Tourists should not miss the opportunity to track Uganda’s rhinos on foot, it is an experience that they will remember forever and by rhino trekking they are contributing directly to the maintaining of this reintroduction program.

There is no doubt, a visit to the sanctuary will be led by a well trained and informed guides,as you see proud Ugandan rangers with the rhino and most of all experience service excellence.

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