Prosecution Eager to Wind Down Kanyamunyu Case

The State Prosecution in the case where businessman Mathew Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari are accused of murdering social worker Kenneth Akena, is set to present its last two witnesses before closing its argument.

This was disclosed to court on Thursday evening by lead prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya, who requested the trial judge Stephen Mubiru to extend his ongoing session so that this matter can be concluded in time.

“My Lord as prosecution we are left with two witnesses who are ready to testify in court at any time,” he said.

While the judge had decided to push the matter to the next session, Muwaganya expressed concern that basing on the circumstances surrounding this case, more delays could easily kill the entire case.

“I am speaking out of experience because we recently lost a high profile murder case where assessors failed to show up again having stayed the matter for so long.”

The judge as such pushed the matter today for prosecution to produce its remaining two witnesses.

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