Proposal to Split Ruhaama Constituency Meets Resistance

Residents of Itojo Sub County and Nyamukana Town Council together with other leaders in Ntungamo district have protested the proposed demarcation of the Ruhaama County, that leaves them as part of Ruhaama East Constituency.

The residents say they don’t want to be detached from the area which they feel they belong to.

The district council resolution to split the greater Ruhaama County has since been submitted to the Ministry of Local Government.

But the locals and some leaders insist that the council did not follow the right procedures.

According to the proposal, sub counties of Rweikiniro, Ntungamo, Itojo, Nyarutuntu, Nyamukana Town Council, Ruhaama and Kafunjo/ Mirama town council will remain in Ruhaama county while Rwoho Town council, Rukoni East, Rukoni West, Nyakyera Sub Countyand Kitwe town council will be part of the new Ruhaama East.

However, the Local Government ministry altered the plan and included Itojo and Nyamukana town council in Ruhaama East constituency.

Moses Kahima Mugaba the Ruhaama county Member of Parliament, says even the first cabinet presentation to Parliament on splitting the county had the previous arrangement but was only altered in the last presentation.

Ben Kwesigabo, the Itojo sub county Chairperson who is also the interim leader for Nyamukana Town Council says if government insists on this plan, his sub county and the town council will move to be part of Rwampara district and not Ruhaama East.


The two sub counties held a joint extraordinary council meeting on Friday last week (on Eid Al Adha) to officially protest the move by the Ministry of local government.

Efforts to reach out to Ben Kumumanya the Ministry of Local Government’s Permanent Secretary on his known contacts were futile.

With a project population of 280,000 people and 116,471 voters as per the 2017 by-election register, Ruhaama has been one of the biggest constituencies in the county.

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