Proper Maintenance Tips for Your Undergarments

Most people don’t give as much time and attention to their underwear as much as they do with other clothes. While you may be shy to discuss such issues, it’s vital to understand that underwear care is as crucial as is for your other clothes.

Undergarments require ‘special care’ since they are subjected to sweat that makes them smell if not washed and dried well. Also, they are the first layer of clothing next to your skin so they can ruin or make your day.

Gorreti Betty Mbabazi, a nurse notes that most people repeat undergarments without washing which causes them to smell. She gives us tips on taking care of your underwear.

Underwear rules

  • The minimum number of undergarments one should own is 7. That means you will have what to wear from Monday to Sunday. You can have as many as twelve or more but remember having many will make you lazy to wash. It is better you have less and keep them clean.
  • You shouldn’t wear an undergarment twice. You should have a fresh one on every morning.
  • Undergarments are personal clothing therefore can’t be shared as sharing them can spread diseases.
  • Mbabazi says undergarments should be replaced after six months.
  • Avoid tight undergarment especially men as these could cause irritations, itches and health problems in a long run.
  • Don’t sleep in undergarment.

How to wash them

  • It’s very important to soak underwear in overnight in a bucket of water with laundry detergent to kill germs and make them soft. Then wash them in the morning.
  • When washing, concentrate more on the middle part since it carries most dirt and wash until it’s sparkling clean.
  • Give more attention to the linings as they hide dirt.
  • Give black undergarments as much attention as you do other colours especially white.
  • After, rinse them in fresh water and make sure no scum is carried as you take for drying.
  • Dry in direct sunlight to kill all the germs and only take them in when they are fully dry.
  • Don’t iron them as this makes them weak.
  • After, hung them on a peg where you can easily pick what to wear.

Don’t use machines to clean your undergarments because it is not as effective as your hands and will also weaken their elasticity and the fabric material.

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