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Prominent Mubende Businessman Slaughtered

Police have commenced the search for the unknown criminal who Saturday morning murdered a wealthy businessman in Mubende identified as Ronald Makanga, drug 54.

The tycoon was travelling to Kampiri in Mityana district, visit web where he runs several businesses, drug only to be slaughtered by an assassin riding a motorcycle.

The widow, Margret Namukasa, narrates to ChimpReports: “We were travelling on a motorcycle when we realized that a stranger who was also on a motorcycle at a place known as Wabikere Myanzi, in Mityana, was pursuing us.”

“He was riding at a terrific speed. So, he first bypassed us before suddenly reducing his speed.  He later followed us from a pretty good distance before ramming into us from behind.”

Namukasa says her husband lost control of the motor bike thus falling.

As Makanga struggled to get to his feet, the stranger, who was wielding a long machete, struck the businessman on the head.

“My late husband yelled for help several times but I could not assist. The attacker said I was ‘next’ as he cut down my husband several times. It was the most horrific spectacle in my entire life. Our two-year-old son whom I was carrying on my back looked on in shock,” she added.

The cold-blooded murder has since sent shivers down the spines of residents of Mityana.


Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura recently said assassins who use motorcycles to execute their heinous crimes have links to the Islamic militant group, ADF.

Namukasa said the deceased had “lots of money in his bag but the people who killed him were not interested in it. I don’t know what they were up to.”

Makanga bled to death as his two family members looked on helplessly. Namukasa and son were spared. The murderer sped off to an unknown destination.

According to the police spokesperson Equator region Phillip Mukasa, the area has of late been spotted as a black spot harbouring criminals.

“Just a week ago, a man was murdered in this very area,” said Mukasa.

He, however, pointed out that, “we are doing all it takes to apprehend these criminals.”

President Museveni recently said the security forces would deal with increased cases of murder in the country.

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