Prof. Mukiibi Legacy on Fire Over Children

The management of St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges remains mute despite heightened criticism and concerns over allegations that girl students were abused at the education facility by deceased Prof Lawrence Mukiibi.

Mukiibi’s family last week paraded at least two dozen children, pharmacy some barely one year old, who he fathered.

It’s reported that some of the girls Mukiibi fathered kids with were students at some of his schools.

He was nicknamed ‘daddy’ in reference to his love for the students and advanced age.

The revelations have since raised concern about the extent of abuse at the prestigious schools.

Some members of the public have called for a deeper police investigation into the matter.

It’s also understood that many victims have refused to open up in fear of being cut off the financial taps Mukiibi left behind.

Former State Minister for Regional Cooperation, Asuman Kiyingi, expressed shock that no one complained in his lifetime.


“No student, no parent, no employee, no labour official, nobody. No police file or intelligence loop. No hint at all from our nosy press not even the tabloids,” wondered Kiyingi.

“But according to all accounts now there lived in our midst a very high profile sexual predator whose major preoccupation was defilement, fornication, adultery and siring children,” he added.

“We are made to believe that the spectacular successful education empire he owned and managed survived by chance! He was no entrepreneur or educationist to write home about. Just a pedophile who could never zip up!”

Kiyingi concluded: “My question is, why did the country remain so ignorant (if at all) about this man? Are all our institutions dead?”

Efforts to reach the school administrators for comment were yet to bear fruit.

The wealthy educationist recently passed away at Norvik Hospital in Kampala after collapsing in a bathroom.

His legacy has divided public opinion with some praising him for the transformation of the education sector and providing high quality education to students.

But his sexual exploits have left others in shock and fury.


Nevertheless, the Catholic Church has defended their decision to go against their practice and organise a funeral service for a man who fathered kids out of wedlock.

Msgr John-Wynand Katende, who led Mukiibi’s last funeral service, was quoted by The Observer on Saturday as saying that that during his last days, the late educationist sought a priest, repented his sins and was given the sacrament of anointing of the sick.

Before someone receives this sacrament, they first get that of penance and Holy Communion.

“What we are doing now is a post-mortem, but what Prof Mukiibi actually needs most are our prayers,” Msgr Katende said.

Katende further stated that if someone repented their sins, “we should leave judgment only to God.”

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