Prof Barya to Give Prostitutes Startup Capital

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has commenced a review of Bobi Wine’s controversial song, ed ‘Dembe’ following concerns that it’s offensive and inciting violence against government.

The timing of the song is also a matter of contention considering the country is preparing for national elections. UCC publicist Fred Otunnu told ChimpReports on Sunday that no action has been taken yet. “The content of the song has been brought to our attention,” said Otunnu. “We are currently reviewing it,” he added.

Otunnu emphasized that, “should the song fail to meet minimum standards of broadcast content, we will take appropriate action as provided by the law.”

The song calls for transfer of power from the incumbent. It further denounces what Bobi Wine describes as political persecution of political opponents.
Presidential candidate Prof Venansius Baryamureeba yesterday met and interacted at length with sex workers in Lyantonde town in western Uganda, viagra and promised to get them out of their misery.

Prof Baryamureeba while on his campaign trail in the district, met with the prostitutes at Kaaro Radio station compound in Lyantonde town.

After listening to their tales, the independent candidate informed the women who operate in Lyantonde, Mbarara and the neighboring towns that once elected into office, he would establish a fund from which they would access startup capital to join other productive ventures other than selling their bodies.

The computer scientist advised the sex workers to abandon their business owing to the many hazards it exposes them to.

“This is not only dangerous in terms of your health, but as a Christian I know that it is against the teachings of the Bible,” he said.


Some of the prostitutes informed him that they had acquired vast formal education but were forced into selling their bodies by lack of employment.

Prof Barya also called upon religious leaders in the area to guide the sex workers out of their dangerous business.

He also advised the women to focus more on finding long term happiness by getting married and staing up families.

Come 2016, Prof Barya urged the women to vote him in office and to jealously guard their vote against malpractice, by sticking at the polling station until the counting is completed.


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